Lawrence Wolf, President, Cyberwolf, Inc. ~
"CyberWolf has worked with Unitech for many years. The organization is responsive and very easy to work with. I would recommend Unitech to any publisher that wants an EDI VAN that provides excellent support with an intimate knowledge of the publishing industry.

Steven M. Volchko, EDI Specialist, Follett School Solutions ~
"I can tell you one specific 3rd party vendor that I have had much success with for many of our Trading Partner setups is UnitechEDI.

Roger Rosen, CEO & President, The Rosen Publishing Group ~
"I and my organization have worked closely with Unitech for over ten years and cannot speak highly enough of their precision, responsiveness, and expertise. Having gone through a number of complex technical backend changes to processes, I can attest to the fact that Unitech is there for its customers, bringing to bear the knowledge and tenacity needed in these circumstances. I consider them the most trusted EDI provider in our field."

Jeff Crosby, Publisher, InterVarsity Press ~
"Tricia Koning, director of information technology, told me of your exceptional service to and partnership with her and IVP through our migration to the new ERP system. I wanted to add my thanks as the publisher here. Working with vendors and partners who provide strong service is always a value to us, but even more so in the midst of such a massive project as what Tricia has led the last two years.