June 2017 ~ UnitechEDI Launches New Logo and Website ~
For almost twenty years, UnitechEDI has been the premier publishing industry EDI solution and it was time for a fresh look. Along with the new logo and website design, we also expanded information on product offering: EDIxl, ASNs, 3PLs, and POD. We hope you like it!

January 2018 ~ UnitechEDI Adds Drop Ship EDI Documents ~
For those of you considering drop ship business with your trading partner's web customers ~ UnitechEDI now has the corresponding EDI documents mapped! These include 846 inventory advise, 865 PO Change and third party ASNs. We'd be happy to talk with you about how our clients and their tradind partners are using these documents.

July 2019 ~ UnitechEDI Welcomes Kristin Norell to our Amazon Experts Team ~
Kristin has held key executive roles at Chronicle, Andrews McMeel and World Books. She has been responsible for global sales at all three publishers, including Amazon sales outside the US. She is also a current board member of the Children’s Reading Foundation.

August 2019 ~ UnitechEDI Welcomes Ted Berg to our UniTeam ~
Ted has been an icon of the EDI book publishing industry since 1987. He is currently the technical consultant for the Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) Supply Chain EDI (SCEDI) committee. In this capacity he is involved in all the EDI standards development for the book industry in North America along with being the editor of the US book industry EDI guidelines. His addition to the UnitechEDI team allows us to focus on several broader view projects our client community has asked for, such as automating ASN processing.