EDI/xl™ is a complete communication and translation package.

Benefits ~
•Get your orders, send POA’s, show your new orders, show your POAs sent - each with a single click
•Full session logging for quick diagnostics
•Log reports with understandable error messages (not cryptic error codes)
•Translation Reports with grand totals
•All session data saved to individual directories

Package price includes connectivity and functional testing with each trading partner. EDI/xl is delivered ready to use - there is nothing to set up or learn.

Standard Publishing Industry EDI Documents ~
•850 - Purchase Order
•855 - Purchase Order Change
•810 - Invoice

Ancillary EDI Documents ~
•180 - Advance Return Notice
•81R - Reverse 810 Invoice
•812 - Chargeback
•820 - Remittance Advice
•824 - Application Advice
•860 -Purchase Order Change