Free up your team and let our team process your EDI documents for you ~

Clients have the option of choosing three day a week PO/POA import/export for a five day a week import/export. Invoices are sent once a week barring otherwise agreed upon scheduling.

Benefits include ~
• Significantly Reduced Startup Costs – Like our other EDI offering, Publishers save the cost of acquiring the software, hardware, network infrastructure, and technical personnel to run an inhouse EDI solution
Rapid Implementation – Publishers can be turned on to cloud EDI in just a week.
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership - Once a client’s document mappings are in place, the
ongoing costs of using the hosted EDI service are minimal. Publishers do not need to maintain a technical staff to use our cloud-based EDI service and never have to worry about hardware and software upgrades. Costs are reduced to a fixed and predictable monthly expense.
Access Experienced EDI Professionals – Our publishing industry focus uniquely qualifies theUnitechEDI team to address any problems and provide sound help for our clients
Secure & Fault Tolerant Infrastructure - Our servers are co-located in state-of-the-art data center facilities with high redundancy and security; and all data is backed up daily.
Improved Reporting & Management - Our EDI Management Service is a cloud based system that will process EDI documents between your trading partners and your ERP system for you, freeing up your team to manage your customer business. Documents will be processed on a schedule you determine, and a combined transaction summary of all partners will be sent via email. We will also resend and re-receive EDI messages, and receive send notifications in case of errors. Weekly or montly reports can be sent as well.